Wealthy Affiliate Review

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate last month, so I figured i’d take a moment write about my experience with the program.   WHAT IS WEALTHY AFFILIATE?   It’s promoted as a one-stop resource for everything that has to do with affiliate marketing….

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first sale

I received my first sale!

Those of you who have been following my online journey, you remember that my first project was a website called Jungle Glasses. It is a website that sells wooden sunglasses and watches. I have been doing some SEO on it…

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What brought you to internet marketing

Why I originally wanted to do Internet Marketing

Every so often it’s smart to think about what brought you to Internet Marketing in the first place. What is it the pursuit of money? A passion for reaching people? A case study for your marketing class in college? Your family?…

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BlueHost has gone down hill

I will no longer promote BlueHost

Those following this blog know that I recommend(ed) BlueHost for WordPress. I also have them on my “resources” page. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend them. I will also be removing them from my resources page. I will not promote Bluehost any…

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Facts website

A facts & trivia website!

Okay, this is one of the last projects I am going to start before I hunker down and just hammer away at all of them. My wife does have a point when she says I spend too much time dreaming…

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Google News Turned Down

I was turned down by Google News

As you can see by the image above ^ I’ve been turned down by Google News. Definitely a bummer. I am going to spend the next 60 days thoroughly going through my website and perfecting every aspect that Google puts…

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I just submitted my authority site to Google News

My authority website is finally fully cranking. After catching my VA plagiarizing, I worked out any “miscommunication” we may have had about what is acceptable and what is not. She is now posting 2 News article to the website every day,…

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The Wikipedia backlinks are working!

After  yesterdays somber post about my VA plagiarizing, I have some exciting news to report. My Wikipedia backlinks are already beginning to pay dividends. No, i’m not getting a TON of traffic, but it is highly targeted, high quality, visitors. Take a…

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I just caught my VA plagiarizing

Well, this sucks. I have been working with this VA from oDesk for several weeks now. I’ve grown to trust her, and she seemed to write some high quality content and could churn it out fairly quickly. She is an…

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